The Broken Car Collection Company

The Original Broken Car Collection Company wants your vehicle!

We collect scrap cars and offer a free car removal service in Auckland, North land, most areas of the Bay of Plenty including Taupo.

New Zealand owned and operated we've been helping Kiwi's get the best price for their damaged or unwanted car wreck for over ten years


We specialise in picking up, and paying you for your old broken car, van, ute or truck and it does not matter what condition your old car is in, we will always try to pay you the best price we can and remember we offer a free car removal and pick up service.


When we quote you a price for your scrap car we will honour that price, at the Broken Car Collection Company we do what we say we will do and take pride in turning up on time to collect your car, we want happy customers!

When it's time for you to get rid of that broken down car then phone us on 0800 173-7283 for the best price in Auckland or just about any town in New Zealand!

Unlike some others out there we won't quote you a price for your scrap car on the phone and then turn up with less money then we said we would, also we offer a free pick up service so the actual car removal is free, you don't pay us a towing charge.


The Broken Car Collection Company is available on our free phone number 0800 173-7283 or you can email us to arrange a free pick of your unwanted car, remember we will always try harder to give you the best price possible for your broken down, scrap or end of life vehicle.


So after we pick up your car what do we do with it, what happens to your old junk car?...

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